Who are the 99%?

Who are the 99%? I was asked this and realized that it is a tough question to answer – the 99% is comprised of a lot of different people. I decided to start with what they have in common. In other words, what they are not; the top 1%. I found an article on Yahoo! Finance the had some interesting data points:

The Top 5 Facts about the 1%:
1) Owns 40% of US wealth
2) Takes home 24% of the nations income
3) Owns 50% of the country’s stocks, bonds and mutual funds
4) Has only 5% of the nation’s personal debt
5) Takes in more off the nation’s income than at any other time since the 1920s

For the full article, click here.

The Top 5 Facts About America’s Richest 1%
Stacy Curtin | Daily Ticker – Oct 11, 2011

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5 Responses to Who are the 99%?

  1. June says:

    So how do we currently define “achieving the American Dream?”

  2. Ward Ardizone says:

    Love your blog!

  3. Mr. Budget says:

    I love that someone is trying to educate on finances. I really liked the idea of describing the 99% and enjoyed the answer to “Achieving the American Dream” – Individually! I am trying to educate about saving money starting at the penny level. Thanks for your blog!

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