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US Market Futures in the Tank

Look out below!  Major US Indexes down over 2% ahead of the opening bell.

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September Investing Commentary via Investing for Cashflow Blog

As if this ride hasn’t been wild enough already…could be an even wilder week. Two large coupon payments are due on some Greek bonds (2037 @ 4.5% and the 4.6% of 2040 @ 4.6%) for a total payment of 769 … Continue reading

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Bad News for Beta – Stock Correlations Soar

From the desk of Tyler Durden over at Zero Hedge: …look at the correlations between the 10 industry sectors of the S&P 500. At 97.2% average correlation, U.S. stocks are moving in lock step to a degree we haven’t seen … Continue reading

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Are You Paid for Being Productive?

Are you paid for being productive? With all the focus on “productivity” these days, one would think that being more productive would be recognized by employers and rewarded. The answer – not so much… Hat Tip to B. Ritholtz Click … Continue reading

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