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Cutting Dividends = Bad News

From The Dividend Growth Investor : When dividends are cut, stock prices typically nosedive as the last investors who have held on hoping for better news leave the sinking ship. Click here for the full post. Sources: Avoid Dividend Cutters … Continue reading

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Explore the Link between Income and Education

From the website Good, a visual representation of the latest U.S. Census data. Sources: Transparency: Are the Richest Americans Also the Best Educated? A collaboration between GOOD and Greg Hubacek

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Technical Analysis: SP500 Stock Index

From the Big Picture: The SP500 bounced back to the 50 day moving average, but volume has been a bit soft (i.e. low). It looks like price action at the 1300 level will dictate a resumed uptrend, downtrend, or range … Continue reading

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The 7 Laws of Investing

James Montier (Behavioral Investing Blog and member of GMO’s asset allocation team) recently listed his thoughts on a set of principles for investing, via a guest post over at The Big Picture. Although the “laws” are different than the Principles … Continue reading

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Comparing Major World Indexes Since March 9, 2009 – Michael Covel

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Quote of the Day: Jim Sarni

“We are just plagued today with the lack of long-term trends, and it’s because of people reacting to the issues of the day. You get long-term investors trying to anticipate what hedge funds are going to do-and not do-so they … Continue reading

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Quote of the Day: Robert Kiyosaki

“A true investor takes a bad investment, and tweaks and manipulates it into a good investment.” – Robert Kiyosaki Remember Safe Investing Principle #10 – “Learn from your mistakes (i.e. losses) ; you’ve already paid for them.” So assuming that … Continue reading

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