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Happy Birthday turns 2 years old today. I can’t believe two years have passed since the site first went live (almost 3 years since the initial framework was laid out!). Progress has come in fits and starts, and I feel like … Continue reading

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How to Pay Zero Taxes

Zero tax payment. I’m sure that most small business owners and individual investors would love to here those words from their accountants come tax time. Recently, GE made headlines for their 2010 tax payment (or lack thereof – click here … Continue reading

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Banking 101

Some Banking 101 humor for your Wednesday. Hat tip to Michael Covel and LGDAGvideo.

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Why Health Care Is Not Affordable – Part II

Yesterday, I posed the question: “Ever wonder why health care is not affordable?” Today, I’ll link you to the second infographic from Medical Billing and Coding; entitled “Why Your Stitches Cost $1,500 – Part II”. Whether or not you agree … Continue reading

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Why Health Care Is Not Affordable

Ever wonder why health care is not affordable? With so much conflicting data and information floating around, it is hard to put it all into perspective. Enter the infographic; a great way to visualize complex topics. At first glance, health … Continue reading

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