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4th Cause of Inflation? The Government…

A while back, I outlined the 3 main causes of inflation on my website.  And from an economics perspective, those causes are spot on.  However, there is a monkey wrench that I forgot to mention: the government. By a continuing … Continue reading

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UBS Asset Allocation – July 2013

This weekend’s reading for investors comes to us from UBS; specifically their Wealth Management Research Desk (Hat tip to BR) Per the UBS: While the recent sell-off has caught some investors off guard, we believe it is creating an opportunity … Continue reading

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Good Advice from Jim Cramer?

Good Advice from Jim Cramer? Maybe the world is coming to an end! This is actually some pretty solid commentary. “Making money over the long-haul is the ultimate goal in this game,” says Mad Money host Jim Cramer. He … Continue reading

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Don’t call it a crash…it’s a market accident.

Tyler Durden over a Zero Hedge states that conditions may be right for another “market accident” to happen. Reminds me of my days in engine testing; “We don’t have fires…we have thermal incidents.” Given the recent meltdown in gold and … Continue reading

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Market Insight from JP Morgan – 3rd Quarter 2013

The latest installment of  JP Morgan Asset Management’s quarterly market outlook is out. Each quarter, you can find this little gem of a PDF on JP Morgan’s Asset management website; a downloadable “Guide to the Markets”. And if that isn’t … Continue reading

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