Massive Insider Buying in Energy Stocks

Great information if you own a energy-sector companies…glad to hear that there are a least a few people that aren’t selling!

24/7 Wall St.

RollercoasterWith triple digit up and down days all week long, many investors may feel like they have come to an amusement park and are caught on a ride that won’t stop. Typically, in the past, this kind of market action has been a harbinger of steep drop in the markets. You sure wouldn’t guess that by the sheer number of insiders that continue to buy their own companies’ shares.

We cover insider buying every week at 24/7 Wall St., and one interesting, and possibly very bullish sign we are seeing is insiders in the energy sector starting to grab shares of beaten down stocks. While the energy debacle could have some time to go, the fact that insiders are nibbling more than a little is a good sign.

Here are this past week’s top insider buying reports.

Diamond Offshore Drilling Inc. (NYSE: DO) is one of the energy stocks we…

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