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Tax Time – Goodbye Schedule D-1

When I first heard that the IRS was getting rid of the Schedule D, there was a fraction of a second when I thought that this might actually mean my taxes would get a little less complicated. Unfortunately, I heard … Continue reading

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How to Pay Zero Taxes

Zero tax payment. I’m sure that most small business owners and individual investors would love to here those words from their accountants come tax time. Recently, GE made headlines for their 2010 tax payment (or lack thereof – click here … Continue reading

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Tax Refunds: Spend, Save, or Invest?

I’ve seen several articles on tax refunds (specifically how to spend them) come across my desk lately. With the tax filing deadline a week away, that is not too surprising. It IS surprising that none of the pieces say, “Take … Continue reading

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Simplest Way To Avoid Back Taxes

The simplest way to avoid back taxes is to file a tax return. It really is that simple! For a lot of individual investors, taxes aren’t something that gets much attention until March and April. However, the IRS is always … Continue reading

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