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How to Invest for US Default

I’ve heard the question several times now; How to invest for the US default on August 2? Whether or not the US cannot raise the debt cieling and defaults isn’t the right question. As James Kostohyrz (Miyanville.com) asks, “Given the … Continue reading

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Learning How to Invest the Right Way

Learning how to invest is not just about buying and selling stocks. On my website, I mention several times that investing is an entire process, with trading (i.e. buying and selling) just one small piece. To that end, I laid … Continue reading

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The 7 Laws of Investing

James Montier (Behavioral Investing Blog and member of GMO’s asset allocation team) recently listed his thoughts on a set of principles for investing, via a guest post over at The Big Picture. Although the “laws” are different than the Principles … Continue reading

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Quote of the Day: Robert Kiyosaki

“A true investor takes a bad investment, and tweaks and manipulates it into a good investment.” – Robert Kiyosaki Remember Safe Investing Principle #10 – “Learn from your mistakes (i.e. losses) ; you’ve already paid for them.” So assuming that … Continue reading

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Rule-Based Investing Saves the Day

Right now, the market has been in an uptrend for almost two years. Statistically speaking, the rally is one of the longest uptrends on record. So it is only natural for people to begin questioning “when will we see a … Continue reading

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Is Jim Cramer a Circus Clown?

Jim Cramer…a circus clown? Well, not quite. But his outbursts do make for some comedic relief at times. For instance: I read an article by Carl Richards (Mr. Richards is a CFP and founder of Prasada Capital) entitled “Ignore Generic … Continue reading

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