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Instead of myRA Accounts, How About Privatizing Social Security?

Originally posted on The Small Investor:
I thought President Obama was slurring his words during the State of the Union speech when he spoke about “myRA” accounts.  It turns out it is a new program he is proposing, saying that it does not…

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How to Invest for US Default

I’ve heard the question several times now; How to invest for the US default on August 2? Whether or not the US cannot raise the debt cieling and defaults isn’t the right question. As James Kostohyrz (Miyanville.com) asks, “Given the … Continue reading

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Someone is Stealing from Your 401k!

Do you know that right now, someone is stealing from your 401k? And you are letting them! Cost control is an important concept for safe investing. But when it comes to your 401k, a majority of the fees and expenses … Continue reading

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