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Now THAT’s a sell-off…

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8 Weekend Investing Reads

Growth Investing – Turning $5,000 into $22 million (CNN Money) Income Investing – September Dividend Stock Purchases (Dividend Growth Investor) Technical Analysis – Elliot Wave Update (Elliot Wave Lives On) Personal Finance – Planning for College – Part I (Portfolioist) … Continue reading

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Top 10 Stocks – Congressional Edition

The US Congress is not the most popular group of people these days. Recently, they’ve come under fire for questionable purchases of US stocks and the potential for insider trading. Which got me wondering about the stocks owned by members … Continue reading

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Proof you don’t need an MBA

Per the first sentence on the Invest-Safely homepage: Learning the real secret to safe investing does not require a degree in finance or an MBA. Want proof you don’t need an MBA to invest, check out Dilbert: Hat Tip: BR … Continue reading

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Tactical Asset Allocation and Secular Bear Markets

Excellent advice from B. Ritholtz: During a secular bear market, an investor’s job is to manage risk and preserve capital During a secular bull market, an investor’s job is to maximize return Before going further, a let’s review these key … Continue reading

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