Don’t single source your news!

As of 12:40, the U.S. stock markets are down more than 3.0%. The CDC has confirmed 53 cases of the coronavirus in the U.S.  Here is a above-the-fold screenshot from the CNN homepage:

CNN Homepage

There is one mention of the Coronavirus, and it’s in the live updates menu…just as many as the “french fry sandwich”.  And there’s nothing about the stock markets.

The Weinstein case is a big deal, but is an analysis of Bernie’s 60 minutes answer really so important that it needs to be front and center?  Really?  It seems like there are more pressing matters to discuss.

To be fair, this page will always be a US-centric view thanks to my IP address. So I checked the “World” page.

CNN World Homepage

Whether or not you “like” CNN is irrelevant; CNN isn’t the issue.  It’s one of many media platforms that people use.  And they all need clicks and eyeballs just like every other website, and they all can be just as narrowly focused.  If you didn’t look elsewhere today, you’d never know the market was selling off, or that the coronavirus continues to spread but the situation in Wuhan is stabilizing.  On the other hand, there are sites that think the world is coming to an end and we should all be in our bunkers.

Check out Reuters:

Reuters Homepage

Admittedly, Reuters is business focused.  But it’s also more balanced in terms of “important” news of the day.

I always preach that you can’t predict, but you can prepare.  Being prepared requires data, and that means you need to do your own research from multiple sources.  Otherwise, you’re subject to what a small group tells you is important, not necessarily what is important to/for you!




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