Better Investing Explained

I define better investing as making more money, more often. The more consistently I see profit from my investments, regardless of market conditions, the better my process has become.

Better investing implies that you’ve already started see the results of your investing process and you want to improve.  You can’t get better until you’ve started, and you’ll need a solid starting point to measure your gains.  And by solid starting point, I mean a repeatable decision-making process.

You did start off with a process right?

Use these three steps to evaluate your the results of your process and you WILL make more money.

  1. Capital Preservation
    • Don’t lose the money you have
  2. Consistent Returns
    • Create profits consistently using the money you have
  3. Superior Profit
    • Create profit from your profits

That’s it. Apply these three steps and I guarantee better investing performance. And yes, it really is that simple. The hard part is sticking to it.

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