Market Insight from Howard Marks

The latest memo from Mr. Marks covers his thoughts on “liquidity” in today’s markets, or the ability for me and you to sell our investments at the prices we see on our screens.  As with everything in the investing world, liquidity is not always straightforward and changes over time.


Who is Howard Marks?

I had no idea either…according to people in the know, he’s a highly successful and respected investor!  I stumbled one of his “memos” a while ago, and now read everyone one he publishes.

And I’m not alone…when investors like Warren Buffett make it a point to read your memos, you’ve got something worth reading.

Mr. Marks’s memo’s are available to all of us…for free.  Just head over to the Oaktree site and click on the “Memos from our Chairman” link (

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