Thinking About Retirement? Raise Cash Now!

Good commentary on current market conditions…

The Small Investor

It is looking somewhat like 2007.  Stocks have risen by more than 30% during the last year and investors are starting to feel pretty good about their future.  Perhaps you are thinking about retirement again after putting your plans on hold after stocks fell in 2008, figuring you’d need to work until you were 70 or 75.  If you are even thinking about retiring in the next five years, consider taking advantage of the market rally by selling some stocks and raising some cash.  Don’t let 2008 happen again.

The sad thing is, people really shouldn’t have needed to put off retirement after the 2008 crash.  Those that did were not properly positioning their portfolio against the risk of a market crash.  They should have been about 55% in bonds and income assets and 45% in stocks.  If they had been they would have only seen the value of their…

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