Don’t call it a crash…it’s a market accident.

Tyler Durden over a Zero Hedge states that conditions may be right for another “market accident” to happen. Reminds me of my days in engine testing; “We don’t have fires…we have thermal incidents.” Given the recent meltdown in gold and melt up in mortgage rates, he may not be far off…

Stock chart comparing S&P500 in 2013 and 1987

Courtesy of Zero Hedge – Click the image to read the full article

I know, I know…correlation is not causation. But this chart is still interesting. Some might say it is downright scary. On the other hand, a repeat of 1987 price action would create a ginormous buying opportunity.

Either way, just remember to check your exit strategies before you need them. Or, as B.Ritholtz is fond of saying, “The time to look for the exits is before takeoff, not after the wings fall off.”

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