Do What You Love in 2013

Happy New Year!  Now that the parties are over, it’s time to review your achievements from last year, the things you want to do better, and what you’re no longer going to do.

But how do you know whether these goals are leading you to a place you want to go?

With that in mind, here is a great article to get your mind going now that your hangover is subsiding: How To Do What You Love (Paul Graham)

Finding work you love is very difficult. Most people fail. Even if you succeed, it’s rare to be free to work on what you want till your thirties or forties. But if you have the destination in sight you’ll be more likely to arrive at it. If you know you can love work, you’re in the home stretch, and if you know what work you love, you’re practically there.

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2 Responses to Do What You Love in 2013

  1. Do what you like or do whatever you can? That maybe more of a thought in the current environment. Aspirations and goals are great but ultimately you need to put food on the table so as they say, ‘beggars can’t be choosers.’

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