Starting out with nothing…

Cartoon about large student debt

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2 Responses to Starting out with nothing…

  1. I like this cartoon! Hopefully people will either stop taking out huge student loans, or they will make sure they pick a career that will enable them to pay them off. I think college bound kids need to be taught more about student loans. I know I was never told anything about them, and it was acceptable to take out as much as you wanted because it was for college. Unfortunately a college education isn’t worth as much as it used to be.

    • InvestSafely says:

      Good points Chris! I think we should start teaching personal finance even earlier! Looking back, I think the only thing I learned before heading to college, related to personal finance, was how to write a check and how to solve a story problem involving a savings account with simple interest. We’ve all got to be a lot more savvy than that before we head to college.

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