Will Unemployment Torpedo the Stock Market?

With the market in a correction, now is not the time to buy new positions. And the new employment numbers that came in on Good Friday made next week even more interesting.

Wall Street Journal Graphic on Unemployment

Take a look at the above graphic.  With the markets closed for Good Friday, traders get the entire weekend to stew.

Hopefully, the markets will recover by Monday. Unfortunately, there isn’t much you can do at this point. All you can do on Monday is try to minimize the damage. If you have a profit, consider taking it. If you have a loss, cut it ASAP.

A correcting market is not the place to buy and hold.  When conditions do improve, you can always buy back into your “favorite” investment.

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7 Responses to Will Unemployment Torpedo the Stock Market?

  1. Nice blog,
    Just wondering what people think about the current market situation? Are we ready for another recession? How;s our stock market gonna react? Lets share our views. What Say Ye?

    • InvestSafely says:

      Tough call…with the current “muddle through” growth rates, a recession will be hard to spot. As far as the markets, we’re currently in a correction, so we just have to wait for the market to find it’s footing.

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  5. Anonymous says:

    This true – Unemployment will torpedo the stock market.

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