Year End Cashflow Report – Paper Income during 2011


Here’s a great example of how to crush a yearly review.

Good with the bad, and a list of things to improve next year…very much in line with my principles of investing.

Way to go Troy. Check it out for yourself!

Investing for Cashflow

Welcome to the Investing for Cashflow Report – 2011 Edition!

Last month, this blog passed the one year mark, so it was only fitting that we have a cashflow report for 2011. If you have your own 2011 year-in-review, please post a link in my comments section so that we can all learn about your successes and failures. As you’ll see below, there is always room for improvement.

As always, I will use this report to:

  1. Help me track my progress towards financial independence
  2. Maintain my focus on increasing paper income and meeting my goals each month
  3. Provide an example of creating an income from investing/trading (actually making money)
  4. Get your feedback on ways to improve


2011 Overview

As an overall gauge of the US equity markets, I follow the NYSE (NYA). It the broadest of the indexes, and all the ETFs I use for covered calls follow components…

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  1. June says:

    Here’s hoping for a 5-6% return each month this year!

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