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$2,800 per month as the new minimum wage?

Maybe in Switzerland…Yahoo! News reports that a petition was delivered to the government demanding ~$2,800 per month for all adults in the country. Doubt it will get ratified, but stranger things have happened… Sources: Switzerland to vote on $2,800 monthly … Continue reading

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5 Investing Articles for Your Weekend

What Do Outsized Bond Yield % Increases Mean? (The Big Picture) Weekend Update (the ELLIOTT WAVE lives on) *Very* Sobering – A look at the post-crisis recovery(Above the Market) Dangerous divergences unseen since 2007(MarketWatch) Technical Chart Book – 2013-08-22(The Big … Continue reading

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4th Cause of Inflation? The Government…

A while back, I outlined the 3 main causes of inflation on my website.  And from an economics perspective, those causes are spot on.  However, there is a monkey wrench that I forgot to mention: the government. By a continuing … Continue reading

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UBS Asset Allocation – July 2013

This weekend’s reading for investors comes to us from UBS; specifically their Wealth Management Research Desk (Hat tip to BR) Per the UBS: While the recent sell-off has caught some investors off guard, we believe it is creating an opportunity … Continue reading

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Article on the Current Wage Recession

The recession is bad job-wise, but it’s nothing compared to the wage recession. Buy hey, at least we’re on the upswing. Read more at investors.com: Job Recession Bad, But 5-Year Slump In Wages Is Worse

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Market rally lasts one day – 2012-07-22

The U.S. stock market continues to toy with investor’s emotions, oscillating between rising, stalling, and falling on a seemingly weekly basis. Prior to Friday, the major indexes shrugged off a slew of worse than expected financial news. Continue reading: Confirmed … Continue reading

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Starting out with nothing…

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